Vol. 2. No. 11 – 15 March 1999

Interesting Reading:
Here’s some articles, web sites, or books that I’ve found interesting.

  • Knowledge-Worker Productivity: The Biggest Challenge
    California Management Review – Winter 1999 (subscription required)
    – An interesting article on why Knowledge-Worker productivity is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations going into the 21st century. Mr. Drucker builds to his conclusion through a look at the history of productivity and how developing countries have/are changing from manual work to knowledge work. He addresses the questions of what this shift will mean to the productivity of knowledge workers and to the organization. It is a very thought provoking read.
    You can not find this article online, but I believe that you can order it from the CMR web site.
  • Self-Service Information Retrieval
    CIO Magazine
    – This article focuses largely on information reporting tools, for data warehouse, data mart applications, and even ERP systems. It provides some useful examples of why and how companies are implementing tools to get the right information into the hands right hands.
  • Non-Profit Consortium Plans to Develop Specification for Storage and Distribution of XML Entities
    Intranet Design Magazine
    – I think the title says it all. Why should you care? We’ll I imagine if your company isn’t looking at XML that it will, and it is only a matter of time before we see XML schemas for KM. So, wouldn’t it be helpful to have a sort of clearing house for XML ‘stuff’ so that when we want to transparently share information with little or no effort we can? Of course we do.

KM Jobs & Links:
KM Career Opportunities and Links — let me know of any opportunities and I’ll post them here (and don’t forget to tell me when the positions are filled). An asterisks (*) denotes a new item.

Upcoming Events:
This is a list of events I’m interested in, and think you should be too. As I come across web sites that have detailed listings of events, I’ll post them here. An asterisks (*) denotes a new item.

I’ll try and point you to interesting products, tools, and companies that are dabbling in the KM space. A (P) after a product name indicates that it connects people to people, and an (I) indicates that it connects people to information.  These categories are based on my definition of KM.

If you’ve seen or are using a cool and useful product that falls into the KM space (or close to it), let me know about it, I’ll include it here and you’ll get the credit for it.

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