Saturday, February 17, 2007

Yahoo Pipes

Mashups Made Easy by Yahoo

Here's a little tidbit from about Yahoo's new Pipes beta. The brief: Mashups Made Easy positions the Yahoo Pipes beta as the "post-Web 2.0 era". Why is this interesting? Pipes is a hosted service that will let us all mix and remix data in a visual program environment. How many times have you thought it would be great if you could merge multiple data feeds. This isn't to tough if you have some good programming skills, but what if you don't. Pipes should allow us no programmers to create our own web services.

You can checkout Yahoo Pipes at

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Microsoft Supports OpenID

Bill Gates announced that Microsoft plans to support OpenID.  There are several third parties that have been working on integration of OpenID with Cardsapce.  Microsoft supporting integration of OpenID and Cardspace is a huge step for distributed digital identity sharing.  Read about it here: Wired Blog

Knowledge to do what?

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