Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Identity Context & Information

Kim Cameron does a stellar job in making the connection between identity, context and information in his blog post "Trends in what is known about us".

Information accumulates power by being put into proximity and aggregated.   This even appears to be an inherent property of information itself.  Of course information can’t effect its own aggregation, but easily finds hosts who are motivated to do so: businesses, governments, researchers, industries, libraries, data centers - and the indefatigable search engine.

What Kim is describing in the above quoted paragraph is connectedness; informational connectedness.   I would go a step further and add that information accumulates power by relational context.  Each individual views aggregated information differently depending on their personal perspective and the current context in which they are viewing the information.  If I am viewing aggregated information on a job candidate, the interpretation will be different than if my context is that of a friend.

The element that many don't seem to pay attention to, and Kim brings to the fore is that what happens within social networking tools won't always remain localized.   As digital personas connect, the information generated through those interactions multiplies and in the near future will become rather easily aggregated.Â

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