Thursday, May 8, 2008

Get on the Identity Bus

The Identity Bus

I am all in favor of a standardized service in support of the seamless exchange of identity data. At present, public facing services need to support an alphabet soup of methods for 'sharing' identity data.

It is great for those of us interested in the technical nits and nats to converse about this, but in order to have full scale adoption of identity interoperability it needs to be seamless and mindless. Mindless in the sense the the end user of a system, web site, etc., does not have to think about which credential to use to gain access to a resource.

The thing I am having a lot of trouble understanding is why anyone would want to re-label this as LDAP. The use of LDAP has been so bastardized already, why add more confusion to. History: LDAP is a protocol for accessing data stored in a directory (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). The term has been used incorrectly for many years. If it is a directory, why can't we just call a directory a directory?

I'm thinking out loud here, but this identity 'bus' should be called something like the IBS - Identity Bus Service...

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