Sunday, November 23, 2008

No Skilled IT Worker Shortage in USA

Let me start out by saying that I have no issues with outsourcing, near-shoring, or off-shoring IT work per se.  That is a decision that a business should make based on their organizational goals and objectives. I do believe that organizations that outsource need to think through the options and the process in greater detail.  A key aspect that seems to be overlooked is how outsourcing could negatively impact organizational knowledge and the value networks needed to sustain competitiveness.  The decision needs to be more than just a cost saving exercise, it needs to be evaluated strategically.

What I take exception to is the myth that there is a shortage of skilled IT people in the USA.  I don't buy that argument, which is typically based on anecdotal evidence provided by some IT industry luminary or lobbyist.  I came across a Baseline Magazine article - Is There Really An IT Labor Shortage -  that presents data from studies by Professor Vivek Wadhwa at Duke University.  This information provides data that contradicts what we hear on a daily basis.

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