Friday, January 2, 2009

Retaining workers

Retaining mature workers key to holding off job shortages

As I was reading this article (linked above) it struck me that the issues and tactics outlined to retaining mature workers really are the same that are needed to retain less mature (mature = older, less mature = younger).

The five steps outlined are relevant to all workers, not just older workers.  Employees desire to be connected, engaged, appreciated, and fairly compensated.  In return they will provide appropriate value and expand the organizations capabilities and collective knowledge.  The accomodations outlined for older workers are the same that will attract and retain younger workers - flexible schedules, training, etc.

Why do these supposed "experts" feel the need to create these artificial and incendiary classifications between generations?  This approach is divisive and counter productive.  We live in a connected world that is cross cultural and trans generational.  This calls for connectedness not generational segregation.

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