Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy at Work?

I found the TechCrunch guest post by Vivek Wadhwa - How To Be Happy At Work... to be very enlightening.

Being happy with your work does make a person more productive.  Vivek gives some great advice about looking at the things that are right about your job and not the things that are wrong with it.

Below are a couple of great quotes and things that are truth:

"When workers achieve arbejdsglæd, the business benefits from higher productivity, because happy people achieve better results; higher quality, because happy employees care about quality; lower absenteeism, because people actually want to go to work; and less stress and burnout, because happy people are less susceptible to stress."

"...those who choose to view life as a learning opportunity to take responsibility for their own actions are also the most confident and the happiest."


  1. KMNews: Happy at Work? http://bit.ly/aDyrYy KMNews

  2. KMNews Happy at Work?: I found the TechCrunch guest post by Vivek Wadhwa – How To Be Happy At Work… to be very enl... http://bit.ly/aExiSy

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