Friday, April 23, 2010

The 'T' word

“Trust is present or it is absent. Grab a nerd and he’ll tell you that even the absence of trust is a measure of trust and that particular measure is zero. When trust is non-zero (which is better, believe me) it is based on one of two methodologies -- empiricism or transparency (the other T-word).”

Trust has been a cornerstone of Knowledge Management from the beginning.  The referenced post resonates with me because it very succinctly describes what trust is and the inherent value of trust to our personal and professional lives.  Trust is also transparency; we have all experienced the breakdown of trust because of a lack of transparency.  The explosion of the social graph is made possible through trust and transparency.  Transparent people engender trust and at the same time foster and facilitate knowledge sharing without even consciously trying to make it happen.


  1. KMNews: The 'T' word KMNews

  2. KMNews The ‘T’ word: “Trust is present or it is absent. Grab a nerd and he’ll tell you that even the absence of tr...

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