Friday, July 30, 2010

Morning vs. Evening People

"Yet the research continues to mount, arguing that evening people have qualities which should be nurtured. They tend to be more creative, intelligent, humorous and extroverted. They are the balance to morning people, who are said to be more optimistic, proactive and conscientious."

We all have our perfect time of day to collaborate, work more efficiently, and to just get things done.  Can we use bridge these two 'time zones' so that organizations become more efficient and effective?  Simple things can bridge the morning and evening gap.  Things as simple as not scheduling meetings at 8am or 5pm.  Be aware of colleagues 'time zone' and balance your zone with theirs.  By each person being aware of the others 'time zone' you will be more likely to connect in meaningful and useful ways.

Based on the time of day I am writing this post you can guess which type of person I am.



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  2. KMNews Morning vs. Evening People:

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