Thursday, August 30, 2007

Federated Collaboration

There is a nice piece in KM World about collaboration 3.0 - The Collaboration 3.0 approach.  We won't go into a discussion of the '3.0'.  What I found interesting is what I call Federated Collaboration.

The author does not use the term Federated Collaboration, but he is refering to it in describing how Boeing is using it to build design and build the new Dreamliner aircarft (B787).  Boeing is designing and building this aircraft collaboratively with its business partners through the use collaborative technology.  This is amazing in itself and undoubtedly has cost Boeing an impressive amount of resources.

Key issues raised in the article are compliance, informatinon security, governance.  These issues must be addressed via some mechanism.  A mechanism that is often overlooked by the knowledge management and collaboration community.  That mechanism in my opinion is Federated Digital Identity.  There can be no high value federated collaboration without an underlying understanding of WHO is collaborating, WHAT they can collaborate on, WHEN the can have collaborative access, and HOW they have access to the collaborative environment.  This can only be accomplished when a common framework for digital identity is used - Federated Digital Identity.

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