Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Perpetual Conversations

I just read the The adversity of knowledge in KMWorld. The article is by Davide Weinberger and covers Jack Welch's (of GE fame) book.

The article is by Davide Weinberger and covers Jack Welch's (of GE fame) book.  While the article was an interesting summarization of Welch's views re integrity and adversity (as Weinberger puts it).  What I found most useful was the last paragraph of the article titled "Perpetual conversation".  Specifically Weinberger points out that collaborative environments that embrace many points of view and are and are in prepetual conversation are where knowledge finds its integrity.

I have experienced this many times recently in online community discussions where people from diverse backgrounds and points of view converse on topics such as KM and Value Networks.  Often these collaborators do not see eye-to-eye, but through the course of the collaborative conversation come to appreciate the integrity of each contributors view points.  These perpetual conversations create/enhance the collaborators knowledge of a given subject within the constructs of their environment - there really are no losers as Weinberger says.

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