Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blacklisting Companies

An interesting phenomenon is taking place and I am all for it.  It's called blacklisting companies.

This started because job seekers were/are tired of being ignored by company HR departments. Yes, HR departments are probably inundated with resumes these days, but that is no excuse for not politely responding with a "thanks but no thanks" communication.

As  economic conditions rebound, knowledge workers should and will consider carefully the companies they seek employment with.

My own personal check list is as follows:

  1. Does the company encourage and support open and honest communication and collaboration?
  2. Are reasonable collaboration tools provided and used?
  3. Is non-business related internet access blocked, screened or monitored?
  4. Does the company support and use social media to connect to their employees, customers and business partners?
  5. Do overly restrictive security policies  detract from or enhance productivity?
  6. Do the majority of employees have a passion for what they do and a belief  that the organization is providing value to its constituencies?
  7. Does management embrace knowledge management and continuous learning?


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